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Advaita Montessori -Kumarnagar is an early childhood center in which children combine learning with play in a program run by professionally trained adults.
The school follows 100%Montessori philosophy and the salient features of the school are
*mixed age group environments
* individual care 
*syllabus changes according to the phase of the child.
(so each child is given learning according to their cognitive level and so the child don get stressed) 
*100% materialistic learning
*zero digital time.
*Trained Montessori adults from Indian Montessori center-Bangalore
*With more pre-writing activities.  
*separate themes for every months.
*equal importance to  Tamil Hindi and English
*sand play
*water play
*circle time
*story time with puppet theater.
extra curricular provided:
* dance 
*field trip thrice a year.
And we also provide transport facilities to children.

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